The Marsh

The Marsh 2014

The Marsh is an area of 120 acres of wetland and two lakes and forms part of the school grounds. 3000 years ago the area was the site of the second largest Bronze Age settlement in Europe. We are building a Bronze Age village on-site with the children and use the environment as a place in which children learn about this exciting period in their history.

The Marsh is also home to a million honey bees in the school’s “Bee Sanctuary”. The children are taught about the magical world of bees and help to look after them.

We hold a Countryside Management day every year on The Marsh. The day allows children to experience clay pigeon shooting, target practice, fly fishing and working with gun dogs. The emphasis is on environmental sustainability and conservation, whilst giving the children the opportunity to shoots clays, for which Britain holds the Olympic Gold Medal.

Archery, bird watching, foraging, farming and paddle boarding are included in the wide variety of rich experiences which the children at West Rise enjoy on The Marsh.