Governor Status Declaration of Interests No. of meetings attended 2016-2017 Term expires

Mike Fairclough


  Head Teacher   6  
Angus Scott   Authority

Daughter is a member of staff

Grandson is a pupil

8 19.01.18

Lynne Horton


  Clerk   8  

Samantha King


  Co-opted   5 02.07.2020

Tracey Hibbett


  Parent Child is a pupil 6 11.07.2020

Harriet Somerville


  Staff   6 13.11.2020
Sue Poore   Co-opted

Daughter is a member of staff

Granddaughter is a pupil

8 17.11.2018
Owen Radley   Co-opted

Works for Sussex Police

Referee for Sussex FA

2 17.11.2018

Diane Braybrooke


  Co-opted Child is a pupil 7 04.07.2020

Timothy Tradewell


  Co-opted   6 04.07.2020