Home Learning

Regular access to each class blog is vital to be able to follow instructions given by class teachers.


Text Books

The importance of Home Learning during these unpredictable times cannot be understated and when the school was previously closed, all children were given textbooks for Maths and English along with information about how to access a variety of on line learning platforms. Children should still have these textbooks and be ready to continue to use them should the need arise. Instructions will be given on class blogs.

My Maths

Children should have individual log-ins and follow the instructions given on their class blogs



Guided reading questions

Children should have reading books, which they should continue to read, answering the questions listed below:

1. Write a letter from one character to another character in the story. What are the characters thinking and feeling?

2. Re-write the start of the story in a different time. You might choose to write the story in the future. You could choose to write the story in the past. How would the characters and setting be different?

3. Draw and label a character or a setting from a description in the book.

4. What is your favourite part of the story?  Can you explain why? Give at least three reasons.

5. Write a list of 5 questions you would like to ask the author about writing the book. You could ask why did they write the story or why did they choose certain characters? Why did they choose certain words or phrases?


Spellings will be posted on the class blogs each week with a range of activities expected to be completed.

  1. Dictionary work – find the definition of each word
  2. Write a sentence containing each word showing understanding of the word’s meaning.
  3. Spelling pyramids.
  4. Handwriting – write a full line of each spelling, using cursive writing if possible.




BBC bite size has schemes of work for the children to follow in most curriculum areas.




We have also compiled a list of other websites and activities you may like:

Keeping Active

South Downs Area – Weekly personal challengeintended to encourage children to undertake physical activity challenges at home and strive to improve their own personal score throughout the week.

Scorecard – Personal Challenge          Week 1 Personal Challenge- Speed Bounce (1)

The PE Hub Portala focus point for parents in bringing activity into the home.  The site currently has two activity strands, Fitness and Games, with Problem Solving to come soon.


i-Moves – a free website with lots of ideas to keep your children active while they're at home.


Sussex Cricket Foundation – regular Cricket skill challenges posted to take part and keep active



Getting Creative

Draw with Rob – various 'draw-along' videos to help bring out your creative side.


Ed Boxall – artist, writer, perfomer, educator and once our much loved Room 13 artist in residence will be posting creative ideas each day during this time



Other Learning Tools

Top Marks – Free resources. Lots of Maths and English games.



Hamilton Trust – Learning at home packs for English and Maths organised in year groups



Problem of the Day – from Vinehall school, keep up with your problem solving skills.  A new problem is set each day with an explanatory video as well as the previous days solution!



Dance Mat Typing – from BBC Bitesize, learn how to touch type



BBC Bitesize – this is for all aged children and has lots of videos and helpful articles. This is a free service.



OxfordOwls – Here you can find 101 Oxford Reading Tree books (the scheme we use at school) to read for free.



Woodlands Primary School – Resources – this is good for research/information about topics



All Saints Junior School – English Learning videos



Learning Resources Science Museum – This site brings together resources from museums, including activities, games and videos. Discover activities to support a range of curriculum topics for use in the classroom, in museum galleries and beyond. KS1 – KS4 and they are free resources.



Activity Ideas by Year Group

Year 6

All children will be given SATS revision guides for Maths and English. Please help the children to make notes and complete the exercises.

Year 6 children lists of statutory 3/4 spellings and 5/6 spellings.


Year 5 – click to see the attached Year 5 Bingo Grid of activities. How many can you complete?


Year 4 click to see the attached Year 4 Bingo Grid of activities. How many can you complete?


Year 3 click to see the attached Year 3 Bingo Grid of activities. How many can you complete?

Click to see the Year 3 Roman Tasks (Previously set as optional holiday homework)