Room 13

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The History:

The original Room 13 was set up in Caol Primary School, Fort William, in 1994 by a group of students at the school. Room 13 now encompasses an expanding network of linked studios worldwide who share their work and their thinking. Each Room 13 studio has an Artist in Residence working alongside the children, providing an exchange of ideas, skills and experience across the ages.

Our Room 13 was opened in March 2007, after a visit to Room 13 at Lochyside Primary School in Fort William. Our original committee of children and their parents were a part of this visit as were Mr Fairclough, Mrs Stephens, Mrs Worsfold and Abbie, who was our first Artist in Residence.

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The Committee:

The current committee consists of 7 children from years 4, 5 and 6 and they are fully responsible for the running of Room 13. It is their job to fund raise, keep Room 13 fully stocked with resources, make decisions about what happens in the space and liaise directly with Mr Fairclough about anything that might need to involve the school. They are fully responsible for recruiting new committee members. This is achieved by inviting applications, short listing and then interviewing. They also interview and employ the Artists in Residence, formerly Ed Boxall, who was with us for an amazing eight years and more recently Rachael Trewin.

Karen Stephens, an HLTA at the school, is also a keen artist and photographer and is our in-house artist in residence.  The children are given an opportunity to work in Room 13 with Karen, who has been involved with Room 13 since it was opened.

Within Room 13, the children have written and published a poetry book about West Rise Marsh, produced a CD of songs and have an ongoing project involving the magical land of Sharm Cazam.

There are many more projects in the pipeline, so watch this space.