West Rise Behaviour Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Click here to view our Positive Handling Policy

Prevent Policy

West Rise Equal Opportunities Policy 2016

Attendance and Holidays policy

Friendship and Antibullying Policy

E-Safety Policy

accessibility plan

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Dyslexia Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

For details of all the circumstances under which we as a school will make charges and the levels of such charges for school activities and trips please view our Charging and Remissions Policy.

For details on how we ensure the safety of our pupils when online and for how you can help with this please view our E-Safety Policy

For details of how to make a complaint please view our Complaints Flowchart.

Please be aware we also have the following statutory policies in place:

  • Sex Education Policy
  • Special Educational Needs Policy
  • Teacher Appraisal Policy
  • Teacher's Pay Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy (incl. Risk Assessments)
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Freedom of Information Policy

A copy of any of these policies can be requested from the school office.